Hulu Plans To Add NASA TV To Its Live-channel Lineups

NASA has gotten the attention of many around the globe as it prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

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While the celebration is just two days away, Hulu has decided to taunt a big announcement as well, to keep people geared towards the event that is slated for the 20th of July. In the announcement, Hulu told that subscribers will now be able to another way to tune into NASA TV’s live stream. The announcement was later backed by a Tweet by NASA itself, saying “Need more space? NASA TV is launching on @Hulu 7/19.”



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Need more space? NASA TV is launching on @Hulu 7/19. #WorldEmojiDayWatch NASA Network Online | Hulu (Free Trial)Start a Free Trial to watch NASA on Hulu. Stream Live TV from NASA and other popular cable networks. No hidden

According to Hulu’s announcement, the streaming service will carry the feed on its live TV service as of July 19th, and a selection of video-on-demand material will arrive on the platform this week.

Also, subscribing to the channel will allow you to other on-demand events including Earth Views, NASA’s Look at 50 Years of Apollo, theEmmy-nominatedInSight Mars Landing, SpaceX Dragon Crew Capsule and TESS launch.

In the nearest future, Hulu plans to stream an array of other space-themed content over the next couple of weeks, including The Last Man (July 18th), Apollo 11 (July 20th), Planet 51 (July 23rd) and After Darkness (July 29), according to Engadget.

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