Launching of techwomen lagos

The Tech Women Lagos portrait series profiles 50 women in Lagos’ technology ecosystem from different backgrounds and at different stages of their tech careers.

From developing code at startups to leading innovative Nigerian companies to the forefront of the global tech scene, the tech women of Lagos have dared to follow their dreams and make the most of their careers, despite all the subtle but ever-present odds.

Taking a look at their progress in the technology field causes one to question if there were even any barriers, to begin with. The answers vary, but one thing is clear. To be daring is to destroy all barriers.

The future is for the ones who have the audacity to seize it. The future is for she who dares.

Who is this for?

  • Girls and young women interested in pursuing careers in technology.
  • Women in the technology sector looking to network and grow their community.
  • People and organisations that support and work to increase female inclusion in the tech ecosystem.
  • Everyone who cares about building a strong technology industry. Diverse technology companies and ecosystems tend to be healthier.

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